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We provide Skip Bin Hire to Sydney Metro, Western Sydney, Sydney Inner West and the Hills District. We are a COUNCIL APPROVED SUPPLIER

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions at all, please call 1800 246 728.

Can I arrange for a skip bin delivery on the weekend?

Yes. Phillips Skip Bins are operational six (6) days a week. We can also deliver skip bins to you outside of standard business hours by prior arrangement.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes. Phillips Skip Bins accepts credit card payments, including Visa and Mastercard.

How long can I keep the skip bin?

Phillips Skip Bins has an extensive range of skip bins so they have the flexibility to schedule bin hire for 7 day periods. Speak to a representative to discuss the details of your job and to arrange timings 1800 246 728.

Is my skip bin automatically picked up after 7 days?

No, please contact our office to arrange pick up of the bin once it is filled.

Is there an additional charge for hire longer than 7 days?

Depending on the total duration of extra days that the skip is hired will depend on whether an additional charge will be incurred. Phone 1800 246 728 for more details.

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Questions About Using the Skip Bins

If any information is unclear, please discuss your questions when placing your order.

Which items cannot go in the skip bin?

Liquid, food and hazardous waste are not permitted to be placed in the skip bins. Hazardous waste include asbestos, poisons, paints, oils, gas bottles and toxic wastes are also not permitted in the bin.

If you have hazardous waste that you need to dispose of, contact Phillip Skip Bins on 1800 246 728 and a specialist service will be arranged for you.

To what level can I fill the skip?

Skips can be filled up to the rim, there must not be any materials protruding over the top of the skip. Overloaded bins are dangerous and create Occupational Health and Safety concerns for Phillips Skip Bins employees and the general public.

What size skip bin do I need?

Please refer to our bin size guide for more information. As a general rule for heavy material, allow for 1 tonne to the m3. 

Where can the skip bin be placed?

Skip bins are required to be placed on private property unless prior council approval is granted for placement on the road or nature strip. Usually bins are placed on a driveway or front yard. However if access to your driveway or yard is restricted, we will discuss the next best option.

If a council permit is required, please see here for more information.

Can I move the skip bin?

The operator will endeavour to place the bin in your preferred location. As a standard policy bins are not to be moved once delivered. Moving the bin in most instances prevents the recovery of the bin and may result in extra charges. Sometimes the skip bin cannot be placed where you want. This may be due to parked cars, restricted street or driveway access, overhanging trees, low powerlines or uneven ground.

To prevent any damages occuring onsite please do no move the skip bin with your own equipment. Any damages caused to the skip bin by the customer may incur a charge.

Who is responsible for the skip bin?

The customer is ultimately responsible, which means if someone else fills the skip bin on your behalf you are still the person responsible for making sure our terms and conditions are met.

Should you find hazardous materials placed in the bin you must rectify this before filling the bin any further. Additional charges will be passed on to the hirer at the prevailing rates for bins that have been moved, overfilled, filled incorrectly or contain hazardous materials. By accepting delivery of our bin you acknowledge and agree to this condition of use.

How do I prepare for skip bin delivery?

Think about placement options for the delivery of the bin and identify and potential hazards or access restrictions.

If placing a skip bin on your driveway we recommend placing some timbers to prevent damaging your driveway surface.

Make sure you discuss any potential hazards or access restrictions with Phillips Skip Bins upon making your booking.

What happens if I overload the skip bin?

Phillips Skip Bins can only remove skip bins that are filled level to the rim with no materials protruding.

If the skip bin is overloaded and cannot be transported safely, the operator may refuse to pickup the bin.

In this scenario extra charges will apply; either an overload fee or a transport fee.

Yes, We Do Same Day Delivery!

To arrange your skip bin delivery, please call 1800 246 728.

Insurance Cover

Phillips Skip Bins have developed a comprehensive Work Health and Safety Management System (WHS Management System) to assist in managing the Work health and safety hazards within the business and have comprehensive Safe Work Method Statements in place for all high-risk activities…

Council Permits

As a general rule, skip bins need to be placed on private property, i.e. in a driveway or front lawn. If you don’t have a suitable spot for a bin to be placed, you will need to check with your local council as you may require a permit. We are a registered preferred bin supplier for the following council areas…

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We cover the entire Sydney Metropolitan Area including a huge list of suburbs in Western Sydney, Sydney Inner West and Hills districts. Browse our Skip Bin Service Areas to see if we’re in your area. In some areas we can offer a same day delivery and changeover…